Coaching is a goal-directed multi-faceted process for enhancing people, work and life. (Griffiths, 2008)

Coaching is frequently mistaken for a form of consulting, mentoring or counselling, however its main point of distinction is its focus on client-generated goals and solutions.

Coaching is different from mentoring and consulting in that as your coach, Kerryn will not be the expert in your current situation – you are and will remain the expert in that domain.  Therefore, Kerryn will not give you the answers to your questions, but rather will ask you the questions that will lead you to discover the answers that apply to your unique situation. Then, through the application and integration of this learning, you will create the change you desire.

Coaching differs from counselling in that it is focussed on creating something ‘new’, rather than resolving or healing something ‘old’. The questions Kerryn asks you will be directed towards creating your desired outcomes. Importantly, as you discover what you need to do in order to facilitate the change you are wanting, coaching will provide a framework for accountability, as develop a sense of self-accountability and ultimately, responsibility.

As a result of coaching, not only can you create positive change while you’re working with your coach, but even in the absence of your coach or after coaching ends, you develop skills that enable you to continue to discover your own answers to create ongoing positive change long after your coaching has ended.