Personal Coaching Resources

Kerryn Griffiths still provides numerous online personal/life coaching resources for public and client use:



Reality Check

An old favourite, people have been returning to Kerryn’s site for years to do a regular stock take of their life.



Client Intake Form

Fill in this form at least two hours before your first personal/life coaching session with Kerryn.

Session Preparation Form

Many clients benefit from taking some time before sessions to reflect on their progress since the last session. This can help to maximise the coaching time. If this applies to you, fill in this form at least one hour before your sessions with Kerryn.

Session Reflection Form

It’s easy to run straight out of a coaching session and move onto something else, but much can be gained from stopping a few moments to reflect on what just happened. If you would like to deepen your coaching experience, fill in this form after your sessions with Kerryn.